Acronis True Image 2019: Delivering Easy, Efficient, Secure Cyber Protection

By | November 29, 2018


Delivering Easy, Efficient, Secure Cyber Protection

Acronis True Image 2019, we have been personal backup solutions 15th Anniversary Edition, just released and their data safe, accessible, private, for customers looking for protection that is authentic and safe, the new release them seek exceeded expectations. Because Acronis True Image is designed to go beyond the protection of the 2019 Anniversary Edition, traditional data instead of easy to use, efficient, and safe home and cyber protection that users of home office brings a new level.

Backup is no longer enough

The amount of data they have is the number used to access data that rely on a device, such as torn. Most people in the distribution files, applications, and system security, but rather to protect them will use their devices and data can be a challenge for people.

Now to figure threats to restore cybercriminals increasingly ‘safe harbors’ target backup files, the users of these systems without having to pay ransom and can help in data recovery continue to develop. Since backups are now the target, users can now rely on backup alone – they need a new solution built for today’s evolving threats.

Acronis True Image 2019, a total of cyber protection blockchain based data confirm and prove our anti ransomware defense based on artificial intelligence, which our high-backed with advanced security features such as blocked attacks from more than 200,000 last year mix-up technology.

This type of forward thinking is nothing new for Acronis – but it has been described Acronis ’15 -year history.

Innovative leadership

Since it was established in Singapore in 2003, the Acronis Backup backup industry’s leading ranges in advance. We offer home users real-time disk imaging company, and we expanded our coverage to include new types of mobile computing devices and NAS. We still ensures data integrity verification using blockchain and uses AI to defeat the growing threat of ransomware is a personal backup software.

Today, Acronis True Image 2019 only home solutions to customers both domestically and complete image backup allows you to create, or allow users to an active system disk clone on either a Windows or Mac machine cloud storage he is – more user control to consolidate their data protection and management capabilities.

Built on the commitment to increase data security.

Easy backup

We have an external hard drive, restores a system as simple as plugging in the external drive is a recovery tool in all capacity. Called Acronis survival kit, a Swiss Army knife is a comprehensive and flexible as the emergency – need to restore a system to a system partition boot media to the backup contains everything .


As automatic backup to an external USB drive is connected when the new event-based scheduling options, makes it easy to create backups. We already offer tremendous customization that as a personal backup solution, providing more flexibility for users of the new stimulus-based choices.

Acronis True known for its ability to notify users when the image is restored to the same or different hardware and recovery of these systems, improve power WinPE media even more universal. New WinPE Builder network adapters and network to detect a user to configure the network settings may fix their system via a Wi-Fi network with an Ethernet connection so the mainstream media creation.

Efficient operations

Not everyone wants things to happen automatically and makes new backup cleanup utility on this desire for data control. Allows users to free disk space by manually managing unnecessary versions of backup backups and unnecessary files – so that they can maintain their needs and whatever they are not.

2019 to improve the efficiency of the increase in the release of information to include capabilities. A new file format to the cloud, for example, reliability and cloud for both Windows and Mac boosts performance while backup programs are designed to make the user experience more intuitive adjustment interface.


Acronis True Image recovery which means that it is completely smooth virtual machines, the new Parallels can continue to back up the 2019 API uses it in the top 14. VMS files can now be exported as a set of Parallels Desktop is a desktop environment can be removed.

Secure data and devices

Acronis True Image 2019 also extended the coverage of its award-winning ransomware defense. In addition to protecting data, files, and system on the local PC or Mac, update Acronis Active Protection technology network shares and increasing dependence addressing the safety of these devices in data, home network on the NAS.

Try Acronis True Image 2019

If you have excellent data security for 15 years, you learn a thing or two about doing a better job than everyone else. Acronis True Image’s birthday is the most efficient of all the knowledge that is easy Edition table, and brings to the provider to use, more secure personal backup available.

Want to learn more? Why not try Acronis True Image 2019 for free for 30 days itself?


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Acronis True Image 2019: Delivering Easy, Efficient, Secure Cyber Protection
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